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Graeme Gibson is a writer, adult educator and facilitator. He is completing a post-graduate writing program at Swinburne University of Technology. Essay writing is becoming an obsession. He lives with his partner at Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast. Here the bush, the beach and of course the garden are not far away.

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Everyville: the good, the bad and the ugly at the local level

  Since publishing Beyond Fear and Loathing in 2012 my interest in local politics and local community issues remains strong. The extent to which local issues are ignored bothers me. A local issue in one place is almost certainly a local issue somewhere else. There are lessons to be learned. I recently wrote Reconnecting, locally, which argued…

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“Participation in public life is a fundamentally good thing,” said George Bernard Shaw – or at least it was something very similar to this. It follows then, in my mind, that civil and informed participation is an even better “fundamentally good thing”. And if that participation in public life is entertaining, convivial and provides opportunities…


Little Literature

Little literature provides an opportunity for writers, poets and anyone interested in playing with words to participate in Micro Galleries – being held in the Nowra CBD from 8-24 May. Micro Galleries reclaims disused and forgotten spaces and reactivates them as tiny galleries that are free and accessible to the local community. Bringing together international…

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