The Lucky Tree – In Their Branches

I earlier posted a short story about a tree that we went to some considerable effort to save when building a house – a very lucky tree – which became the name of the story I submitted to an ABC Open project. ABC have now published stories from that project in a splendid book, “In Their Branches”.


The back cover blurb says:

“We all have a favourite tree. We scaled their trunks in childhood, planted their saplings in memory of someone we loved, and carried their silhouettes in our hearts across lifetimes and continents. We have watched them grow and watched them burn, skylarked around in their foliage and cried into their trunks. Up in their branches we have let our imaginations soar, found a sanctuary away from our troubles, and felt connected to nature and life and the ages.

When ABC RN asked its audience for stories for their Trees Project, the response was astounding – hundreds of listeners sent in their memories and reflections on trees they’ve loved and trees they’ve lost. Gretchen Miller has lovingly gathered over one hundred of these deeply personal stories and poems into this exquisite collection.

In Their Branches is the perfect book for the arborist, the dreamer and the tree hugger in all of us.”

You can see more about the book here: 


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