Pecha Kucha is a presentation method that uses Power Point. Generally, I loathe the way Power Point is used. Masses of text or other data which someone then reads to their audience. Insulting. Many Pecha Kucha presentations are on this website.

But Pecha Kucha is a fast and simple method for presenting an idea. Power Point is the tool, not the master.

In Pecha Kucha a presenter shows and talks to 20 images. Each image automatically advances after 20 seconds. A total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

CHANGE! Powered by Pecha Kucha was an event I coordinated for See Change, the biennial festival of Jervis Bay and Basin Arts

rose robin-8097

The theme for this See Change event was change, which could be change in an individual, a society, the planet. It might be past, present or future change. By its nature, this theme is open to almost anything.

Eight presenters were part of the event, held at the Huskisson Hotel. They came from the university and the local high school. They were local environmentalists, artists and stirrers. But all had passion for change.

I gave myself a fairly low key subject: Environmental, Social, Economic and Political Change at Local, National and International Levels.


Great fun, the 70 odd people who came along enjoyed it and Pecha Kucha might become a regular event.


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