Citizen Journalism


Citizen journalism is based upon citizens taking a lead role in collecting, analyzing and reporting news and information. Sometimes known as participatory journalism or democratic journalism it operates outside mainstream media but aims to use conventional journalistic practices.

With the rise of the internet, citizen journalism is a growing world-wide phenomenon, but, it’s not without some valid criticisms. Many of these are based around issues such as quality and professionalism.

Illawarra News and The New Bush Telegraph are a couple of CJ sites.

On 17 March I organised a forum on citizen journalism in Nowra. See a bit about it here:

Around 30 people turned up for the forum which was delightful. Thanks to Nowra’s Squid Studio for hosting




I’ll be posting a review of the forum soon.







Graeme Gibson is a writer, adult educator and facilitator. He is completing a post-graduate writing program at Swinburne University of Technology. Essay writing is becoming an obsession. He lives with his partner at Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast. Here the bush, the beach and of course the garden are not far away.

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